Let's introduce ourselves About Marco and Jolanda


Our dream: The country life

On our journey to find more space, silence and nature we found this old farm in 2005. After exploring several options, we moved from the west of the country to “Eenink” in 2006. At the end of 2007 we finished the design and started the renovation from farm to guesthouse to welcome our first guests in the spring of 2008. Over the past years we have had the opportunity to welcome lots of guest.  We still enjoy to welcome new and returning guests to our estate to let them experience the same country life as we do. 

On the estate there is always something to do or to enjoy. In the different gardens with all its own border structure, orchard, kitchen garden with greenhouse, flower garden, terraces or in the forest. Interested in the landscape of our gardens or the region? As IVN host of the landscape we are happy to share and let you enjoy!

  • Together with our family, we moved from the Randstad to the Achterhoek in 2006.

    In addition to the guesthouse, Marco works in landscape and nature management.
  • Since autumn 2017 we are both IVN hosts of the landscape.

    Our mission is to share hospitality like we would like to be welcomed!

The story Of our main building

Traditionally, “Eenink” is the farm where the Boenink family has lived and worked for decades. On the farm the family raised their young cattle, cows and pigs. At a later stage they switched over to strawberry cultivation and chicory. In 1980 parts of the land were sold for landfill development. Due to expansion of the landfill this process occurred several times and continued until the closing of the landfill in 1996. So, the farm became smaller. After the closing of the landfill the area was remediated, the landscape redesigned, planted and named from that moment on “Langenberg”. The Langenberg currently offers a panoramic view over the region with marked viewpoints, a trail association and a donkey farm for walking trails. 

In 1998 the Boenink family sold the farm to another family who restored the residential part of the main house and demolished most of the outbuildings. The terrain was paved, and landscape elements were planted around the house. On our journey to seek more space in the outdoors we found this estate for sale in 2005. The location, historic details, landscape and surroundings carried us away. Plans to realize a bed & breakfast were allowed at this location one of our requirements and so completed in early 2008. In 2018, a further renovation took place to become more sustainable. Since then, our building has been energy neutral. With the use of a ground-source heat pump, that heats or cools the property. Solar energy and locally sourced firewood.